fredag 22 maj 2009

Projekt 365 - 21 maj

Ibland är det tröttsamt att tvätta sig. Då kan man sova en stund innan man fortsätter.

3 kommentarer:

johanna sa...

om man somnar mitt i tvätten är man trött!

Jo sa...

johanna: Ja, är man en 13-årig kattfarbror, så är man.. :)

Catherine@Simply Natural sa...

Hi Jo
Thanks for your comment on my post how to fill a blank wall. I must admit I saved that picture quite a while ago, when I was still very new to blogging and I did not save the name of where I got it from so I couldn't remember the original source. I'd only been blogging for a month (my first post was October 15 2008) so I was still learning. Now when I save an image I put the name of the credit in the filename so even when I go back months later I know where it came from! Now that I am more experienced at blogging I credit images where I can and I also avoid posting images that people have taken privately of their own homes, I stick to images from websites and professional photographers. Please let me know the name of the original blog where you saw this photo, as I would be happy to edit my post and credit the image. Thanks :)